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Automotive Belts

  • Automotive Timing Belts

    Automotive Timing Belts

    Automotive timing belt also called engine timing belt, it's mainly used for OHC drive, applying to the condition of various speed range and high temperature transmission conditions.

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  •  HNBR Timing Belt

    HNBR Timing Belt

    HNBR timing belt is widely used in automotive engines, in the internal combustion, it's used to drive those camshaft pulleys, tension pulley, water pump.

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  • Rubber Timing Belt

    Rubber Timing Belt

    In internal combustion, rubber timing belt is used to drive those camshaft pulleys, tension pulley,water pump, crankshaft and idler move toward the same side.

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  • Timing Belt Drive

    Timing Belt Drive

    Using Japan imported high-quality synthetic HNBR rubber(or CR rubber) as the main raw material, with a variety of different uses of auxiliary materials

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  • S8M Timing Belt

    S8M Timing Belt

    Rubber open ended timing belt made of high quality synthetic neoprene material which imported from Japan, and mixed with a variety of rubber accessories for different purposes.

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