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S8M Timing Belt

S8M Timing Belt

PIONEER S8M timing belt are predominantly CR and HNBR timing belts, adopting high precision mould, special formular and advanced technique, have the features as high strength, low noise, high temperature resistance, long life and high elongation, etc.



● Good high temperature resistance: can be used in the working environment of 150℃ for a long time.Instantaneous high temperature resistance could reach up to 220℃.

● Good abrasive resistance: PIONEER uses peculiar stretch fabric which is made of nylon and glass fiber.This fabric increases the tooth strength of timing belt and increases the service life effectively.


Automotive engines-exhaust & inlet valves


① Superior HNBR backing

② Superior Fibre-glass cord

③ High modulus Fibre loaded HNBR rubber compound

④ Nylon 66 stretch fabric teeth for high wear resistance

Timing Belt Failure Analysis


Heat Degradation

Appearance: Cracking from high temperature operation, rubber


When rubber belts operate at elevated temperatures (greater than 185°F) for prolonged periods of time, the rubber compound gradually hardens resulting in back cracking due to bending.

These cracks typically remain parallel to the belt teeth and usually occur over land areas (in between belt teeth), as illustrated in picture.Belts generally fail due to tooth shear, which often leads to tensile cord fracture.


To determine if a special high-temperature belt construction will improve the belt performance in specific applications, contact a Pioneer Representative.

Quality Control

We have QC person stay on the production lines do the inspection. All products must have been inspected before delivery. We do inline inspection and final inspection.

1. All raw material checked once it arrive our factory.

2. All pieces and logo and all details checked during production.

3. All packing details checked during production.

4. All production quality and packing checked on final inspection after finished.

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