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6pk1865 Serpentine Belt for Renault USA Series Car, 6X1865mm

6pk1865 Serpentine Belt for Renault USA Series Car, 6X1865mm

The car serpentine belt is evolved from the V belt. The structure of the serpentine belt makes it more flexible in a smaller space and complex multi-axis transmission pulleys, and it is easier to bend on the back of the transmission belt. It runs better in modern compact engines and has become more and more widely used.


We cherish the quality of our products as if we cherish our own life. Starting from the raw material company, we have implemented the system of checking at all levels. The quality of our Rubber Drive Belts, Fan Belt Car, Elastic Drive Belt has been steadily improved and improved for many years.  We can provide customers with rigorous service guarantee. We enhance our sense of self-discipline, consciously regulate internal behavior, and effectively focus on and strengthen internal management supervision.


● Highly flexible, low noise and smooth running

● Anti-static oil and heat resistant

● High horsepower and Abrasion resistant

● Wedged adhesive is composed of reinforced CR and EPDM to ensure better wear resistance and high temperature resistance of the belt




Thickness (mm)

Rib Pitch (mm)


Manufacturing Range

Min. (mm)

Max. (mm)







For details belt specifications, please consult the sales representative.

Production Details

1. Reinforced CR and EPDM material to ensure better wear resistance and high temperature resistance

2. HMLS Polyester: Less elongation give maximum power transmission

3. Aramid fiber reduce noise


Installation Tips

Wrong slot installation

① Consequences: When installing the belt, it is easy to be incorrectly installed on the side of the pulley, which will cause accelerated wear on the side of the belt and tear on the top.

② Correct operation: After the belt is installed, touch the belt once to prevent the belt from being misplaced

Pulleys are not coplanar

① Consequences: The pulley shafts are not coplanar and the pulley planes are not coplanar. Both of the non-coplanar conditions will accelerate the belt wear and even cause the belt skeleton to pull out.

② Correct operation: the wheel train misalignment is best <0.5°

Improper belt installation tension

① Consequences: belt tension is too low, easy to slip, belt wear is serious, transmission failure; belt tension is too high, the cord and rubber are easily separated

② Correct operation: fixed tensioning: fixed tensioning wheel 125N—150N/wedge, automatic tensioning wheel 65-85N/wedge.

We generally believe that one's character decides products' top quality, the details decides products' high-quality, along with the REALISTIC, EFFICIENT AND INNOVATIVE team spirit for 6pk1865 Serpentine Belt for Renault USA Series Car, 6X1865mm.  We have gained a lot of recognition among customers spread all across the world. To build a happier, more united and extra professional workforce!

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